This Is The Modi Government's Plan To Get A Cheap Petrol
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This Is The Modi Government's Plan To Get A Cheap Petrol

This is the Modi government's plan to get a cheap petrol

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said the government will soon announce the policy of merging 15% of methanol in petrol. This will help to reduce petrol and reduce pollution. In a program, Gadkari said, "In the next session of Parliament, I will announce the policy of mixing 15% of the methanol in petrol."

Nitin Gadkari said that Methanol will be made from coal and it costs Rs 22 per liter. When petrol is priced at Rs 80 a liter. China is making it at a price of Rs 17 per liter. The minister said that factories like Fertilizers and National Chemical and Fertilizers, which may be present around Mumbai, can produce methanol in the form of methanol, which can be reduced by the government.

The Union Minister further said, "Volvo has built this engine bus, which runs on methanol. It will also try to run 25 buses in Mumbai, which will use local methanol as fuel. The minister said that ethanol should also be used in large quantities.

Gadkari said, "He has suggested to his fellow petroleum minister in the Cabinet that he would pay attention to the use of ethanol against the installation of a petrol refinery at a cost of Rs 70,000 crore. Gadkari said that the sale of cars at 22% per year is increasing. This is a matter of concern. "

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