33 Great Passive Income Ideas for You in 2023
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33 Great Passive Income Ideas for You in 2023

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to rely on one’s regular earnings from their main job because of the increasing prices of goods and services due to inflation. While some turn to second jobs to supplement their income, others turn to passive income or income streams where they do not actively make money.

Passive income does not mean you only set up the revenue stream and let it do the job independently. You still need to do some work to maintain this income stream and even invest some funds to get it to work as intended. Failure to stay committed to the scheme can derail the effectiveness of your chosen passive income stream. You must also be familiar with these passive income sources’ risks to plan accordingly to succeed in them.

If you are considering passive income to support your finances, there are many avenues that you can explore to start earning funds from a passive income source. To get you started, here are 33 great passive income ideas that we recommend you try out this year:

I will try to expand on the below topics on a different post (so you’ll get in-depth details) and link them back there so do bookmark this page!

  1. Write an e-book
  2. Invest in rental properties
  3. Sell retail products for a bargain
  4. Sell your photos online
  5. Join in a peer-to-peer lending
  6. Create a mobile app
  7. Be a part of a REIT or a real estate investment trust
  8. Have sponsored posts on your social media
  9. Invest in a high-yield certificate of deposit or a savings account in an online bank
  10. Advertise with your car
  11. Create a YouTube channel or a blog
  12. Sell your designs online
  13. Buy a local business
  14. Start a retirement account
  15. Rent your parking space
  16. Invest in storage space
  17. Rent your car or bike
  18. Pet sit in your home
  19. Airbnb or rent out a room
  20. House sit for someone
  21. Domain name buy and sell
  22. Buy a billboard
  23. Create an online course
  24. Sell digital products
  25. Sell your music
  26. Sell blank books
  27. Make greeting cards
  28. Self-publish a book
  29. Sign up for drop shipping
  30. Make a podcast
  31. Invest in either Index Funds or Dividend-Paying Stocks
  32. Launch an ATM Business
  33. Check possible royalties investment

It is hard to pick the best one out of these options because their success depends on various factors, such as the amount of money and time you plan to invest and its overall potential. If you plan to try one or two of these passive income ideas we recommended, do your research and see which one truly interests you. You will also need to be committed to investing time and effort to maintain your chosen passive income stream and reduce the risks it may face.

It may take a while for these incomes to bear fruit when you start, but with a little bit of patience and hard work, you can see a vast difference in your budget. You may even find your passive income may even open new opportunities for you to consider for your career and grow the income stream further. Good luck!

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