Depression at Work: Is it You or the Job?
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Depression at Work: Is it You or the Job?

Undeniably, work can get too much to the point that we become too stressed about everything. It would feel like everything is not going according to plan, and everyone around you is not cooperating or honestly pissing you off. The current market and social conditions can even add to your workplace woes. Once you feel this stress, it will likely bleed into your personal life and cause further problems for you to deal with.

However, there is a growing trend in many workplaces nowadays that shows a significant number of people who are not just suffering from work stress but from workplace depression. Workplace depression is a severe mental health problem because it can disable you from performing well, working with others and being true to yourself. If you leave it untreated, it can trigger severe health conditions that can lead to death.

When studies dug deeper to determine its root causes, they discovered that work depression could be caused by work or other factors not directly linked to employment. So, how can you tell what caused your work depression?

Internal factors cause your workplace depression if one or more of these situations fits your situation:

  • You feel like you don’t fit the role you are signed up for
  • The personal values of the company or business do not match your own
  • You are a working parent, but you feel guilty doing this setup
  • You find it uncomfortable to work with people with different preferences and personalities
  • Work-life balance is not possible because of your workplace’s culture
  • The workplace does not help you thrive
  • The pay you are getting is not enough for your basic needs
  • You feel like your job is trapping you down, but you can’t leave it for a variety of reasons

Meanwhile, your workplace depression may be caused by the work itself if these situations happened to you:

  • Your team leader or manager often requests you to do overtime and other unreasonable tasks
  • You find it hard to do your job well because you are not given the correct instructions
  • You are often bullied by your colleagues or bosses
  • Your workplace doesn’t help boost your morale and is not engaging
  • You are constantly subjected to poor working conditions every day

Whether it is simple work stress or all-out work depression, whether it is caused by personal or external factors or by your job itself, you must get help immediately. By seeking help, you will be able to get clarity about what they want their work life to be and find the proper treatment. Aside from getting help, stepping back can also help you figure out whether you should stay in your workplace to find a solution or leave and find a place where your mental health won’t be at risk. Whatever your decision, always ensure that it benefits your needs in the long run and you can get all the time you need to recover from your ordeal.

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