5 Tips on Using Social Media for Your Job Search
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5 Tips on Using Social Media for Your Job Search

If you are looking for a job, job search sites are no longer the only place where you can find job listings you can consider. Social media is now becoming another method to help people find the job they are looking for. One can type the job opening they want to apply for in the search bar of these sites to find the jobs or select the “jobs” tab.

While some people have misgivings when using social media to find a job, utilizing it can show potential employers that you can navigate through social media and the internet. It also helps you become more visible to recruiters looking for prospective candidates.

Whether you are an expert in using social media or someone who dabbles on these sites occasionally, here are several tips you can use to help your job search on these social media sites a success:

1. Clean Your Social Media Accounts

The first thing you need to do when you use social media for your job search is to clean your social media accounts. As a job seeker, you need to present a professional image to those who will see your profile since it will convince people that you are the person they are looking for the position.

Make it a point to review all your social media profiles and ensure they are free from questionable or compromising content. If you want to be sure, make a separate account for your professional profile and ensure its contents align with your specialities and industry.

2. Do A Search Engine Scan Of Your Profile

Nowadays, it is a common practice for employers to do a search engine scan to check the profile of their applicants. Social media will often appear in these checks, so you must do it before you make your applications.

During your search engine scan, check to see if any profiles that claim to be you need to be flagged or if there are any posts you did in the past that may pop up. Make the necessary changes and search again to see if you missed anything.

3. Do Your Research

Social media can be an excellent place to learn more about a company, especially in the eyes of its clientele and partners. Check the official social media accounts of the companies you plan to apply for and see how they respond to posts and what is new for these companies. The information you may gain from your research can help you during your job interview, and you can determine if they are the perfect company to join.

4. Network

Social media is a great place to network and connect with people who can help you in your career.

It is best to select the right people to be your connections rather than spam and add many people to appear to have many links. You should also help them out by providing your advice on the posts they make and congratulating them when they achieve something. These people will recognize your efforts, and when you need help, they will come to your aid.

5. Only Use A Few Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it. Social media websites have been increasing in number each year, and there is a fear in most of us of being left out if we don’t join these sites. However, to ensure your job search is not affected by idle profiles, you should only have a few profiles on select platforms.

Having only a few profiles on known platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will allow you to update these sites regularly and tell recruiters you are up-to-date with your accounts.

Given the popularity of social media, it will remain an essential tool for job seekers to utilise if they wish to expand their job search radar and visibility. So, if you hope to find the best job for you to apply for, don’t hesitate to use the tips above to make your search more efficient using these sites.

Who knows, you may end up finding the people or the job listing through social media.

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