What Can You Do If You Are Fearful Of Retaliation At The Workplace
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What Can You Do If You Are Fearful Of Retaliation At The Workplace

In recent years, there have been news articles about whistleblowers who exposed the dirty secrets of the companies they work for. These secrets are crucial because they show these companies’ failure to protect their users and workforce in certain aspects of their business.

While their actions are commendable, the companies outed because their efforts have made their side known and retaliated in some form. Some retaliatory measures include firing the person from their position, slapping them with heavy fines, and even taking them to court. Some even take a step further and do their best to stop the whistleblower from getting employed by other companies despite their credentials.

Although workplace retaliation is illegal, and there are protections in place to protect employees from these acts, most are reluctant to report further actions as a result.

If you are afraid to report your company but want to step up despite possible workplace retaliation, here are some ways you can mitigate it:

Help People Become Aware Of The Laws And Policies Against Workplace Retaliation

Sometimes, people do not report any workplace retaliation or any other issue in general because they are not sure what laws and policies are in place that will protect them and their careers should they speak out. With increased awareness, people can fight against any retaliation they may experience and even prevent it from happening.

Use Company Policy To File Any Grievances Related To Workplace Retaliation

They say that if you want to fight fear, you need to deal with it head-on, even if the impacts of your actions can be far-reaching. If you see any grievances or have experienced workplace retaliation, check your company’s policies on this issue and contact an employment rights lawyer to help you with your case.

Know The Different Types Of Workplace Retaliation

Many types of retaliation can occur in the workplace, and everyone must be aware of these strategies to deal with them accordingly. Even if you are only aware of these types, you can prevent yourself from succumbing to pressure about not reporting what they saw. Some examples of workplace retaliation that you should know include demotion, exclusion, harassment and termination.

Create And Establish An Ethics Program For The Company Or Business

Fight for one if your business does not have an ethics program that will hold people accountable for their actions. An ethics program ensures that people comply with the company’s values and laws, reducing their chances of engaging in unethical behaviour. It must also be updated regularly so any changes to the organization are considered.

Develop A Proactive

It would be best if you inspired your human resource department to take a proactive role in helping the entire workplace understand their rights, especially from workplace retaliation. The department should also help people know how they can report any incidents of workplace retaliation.

With this supportive HR department, you and your team will be more confident reporting any retaliation they see or experience. It will also help people overcome their fear and get the support they need if they are troubled in any way.


If a company or business wishes to grow, it must be made aware of its failings and face them head-on. They should listen to their employees because, without these employees, they will ignore their illegal activities and press on even if it is putting everyone in danger.

Understandably, you fear potential retaliation if you speak out, but if you are doing this for your team and your customer base, you must take the first step. Remember, the law is on your side, and if employers do retaliate, they will face hefty consequences that can affect their reputation for a long time.

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