The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR

Artificial intelligence has been making airwaves recently as tech companies are releasing innovations using it to improve business operations. Some of these innovations are focused on Human Resources since they are the department that deals with potential and current employees daily.

But how does artificial intelligence aid the HR department? Here is a short list of its positive impacts on HR:

Reduces The Person-Hours Needed For Recruitment

Recruitment takes a long time to complete, from posting the job listings, reviewing the applicants for each job listing, selecting the ones who should go to the next phase, to replying. With AI, it is easy to automate these time-gruelling tasks and give your HR team time to focus on tasks such as employee engagement, appraisals, etc.

Makes Onboarding More Organised And Efficient

AI can help your HR have a more efficient and organised onboarding program, so your new employees will not have problems adjusting to the company. Some things that can be automated for onboarding include document verification, scheduling welcome meetings, sorting out the new employee’s IDs, login credentials, and more. 

Create Personalised Training And Development Programs For Each Employee

For a company to continue performing beyond expectations and keep employees motivated, you must ensure they are regularly challenged and given all the opportunities to learn new skills. AI can help the HR department identify how to train each employee best and even assist these employees in finding additional resources to help them hone their skills further.

Opens New Opportunities To Keep Employees Motivated

Sometimes, the work in the HR department can get too much, and you may end up slipping from your other obligations, such as keeping employees motivated through recognition or rewards. Engaged and motivated employees ensure they are always productive and satisfied with their position. AI technology can create R&R tools that will make it easier for you to identify which employees have been doing their best, nominate them immediately and get them recognized.

Helps With Queries And Submissions

HR personnel often spend most of their time checking queries and submissions from all employees, whether about the workplace culture or understanding employee benefits. The number of questions can increase at any time which is why HR teams must be able to respond to these queries immediately. An AI tool can reduce the burden by taking on the fundamental inquiries that would otherwise go to the HR staff. If programmed correctly, the AI can even help provide suggestions to employees so they can read more about their inquiries.

Reduces Monotonous Tasks

Administrative tasks can be very dull, but it is required to keep the department operational. AI could assist with some tasks that include updating employee details, data entries, checking for compliance and organizing the terms and conditions every employee needs to follow.

Assist In Collecting Data

AI can help make decision-making efficient by assisting the HR department in collecting the right data to see if employees are satisfied with the company or if any issues need to be resolved. The HR team can look into the collected data and make the right decisions to address the problems. 

Artificial intelligence also has a negative impact on the HR department, which is in its user’s ethical aspect. Given that the HR department handles high volumes of personal information, using AI adds risks since the information will easily be accessible to hackers and others who shouldn’t see it if it is not set up properly. While protections are available to protect your system from being targeted, they must be constantly discussed and updated to stay effective.

AI is undoubtedly a beneficial tool that any HR department can use to streamline its operations. If you are considering it for your business or company, ensure that you can keep yourself up-to-date to ensure it remains effective and safe to use. If you can do it, your HR department will help your business grow.

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