Beyond Likes and Followers: Strategies for Measuring the Real Impact of Personal Branding
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Beyond Likes and Followers: Strategies for Measuring the Real Impact of Personal Branding

Social media marketing is now a part of every person’s marketing strategy, especially now that everything is almost done online. Since everyone is now online, personal branding is vital if you want to differentiate yourself from your competition.

But, given the changing landscape of social media in recent years, it is no longer enough to simply look at one’s likes and follower count to see if your personal branding has made the impact you intend to achieve.

Down below are some of the strategies you can use to measure the real impact of your personal branding:


If your personal branding involves showing that you are an expert in your chosen field, you can check your brand’s reach to see how effective your strategy was. An extensive and stable reach legitimizes your personal brand and shows that you can consistently reach your target audience.

If you are having problems extending your brand’s reach or knowing its potential, you can use paid advertising or influencers.


Engagement will also help determine the effectiveness of your personal branding. Although social media enables people to be more “social”, people are now becoming more selective about who they follow rather than see who follows who. Because of this, it is no longer reliable to use follower count to measure the effectiveness of personal branding strategies.

When checking the engagement reach of your brand, look into the number of post shares, comments, likes and saves. Many social media platforms have analytics that will easily list this information to compare data for a given period. You should also consider the type of content these users looked into to determine what kind of content will bring in the most engagement for your brand.


As your personal branding grows, more people will look into your brand and mention you when they see a topic in which they know you specialize. You can track mentions through Google alerts or check your social media panel for mentions or tagged posts.

When looking at these mentions, look at the tone of these tagged or mentioned posts to see people’s opinions about you and your brand.


Whether you sell your services or a product, sales can help you measure your personal branding’s effectiveness. If your reach and presence grow, your sales will also increase. If you don’t see any sales, there may be an issue with your personal branding strategy that you need to resolve.

Building your personal branding enables you to work on your business in your own preference. If you can’t utilise your branding, it can be hard to succeed and determine your success rate in the process. If you are using social media to promote your personal brand, try the following strategies to see how well your strategy works and if it puts you closer to success.

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