12 Great Questions to Help You Reflect on Your Career Path
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12 Great Questions to Help You Reflect on Your Career Path

Before the pandemic, many of us didn’t pause for a moment and consider our careers. We slave away for hours to complete our tasks, and by the time we get home, we are too tired to give it a minute.

But, the pandemic has created an opportunity for us to take a step back and evaluate our life so far, especially regarding work. If you find yourself now thinking about your career and your future, here are 12 great questions which can guide you throughout your reflection:

Who Is The True You?

When reflecting, for whatever reason, you need to begin with yourself. Ask yourself about your goals, likes, dislikes and the drive that will guide you through life. Knowing this will help you understand how your decisions will affect your career.

Are You Happy With Your Job?

Let’s face it. Work will not always be happy. Sometimes you feel like you want to quit, even if it’s your dream job. Sometimes, you are so stressed out that you question your choices.

Think about how happy you are with your daily tasks, and if things get stressful, do you still enjoy the challenge?

Who Do You Want To Work With And For?

In good times or bad, we want to be with a company or business that cares for its people and has an apparent response to everything that happens to the team or the business in general. They should also be a company that also shares the same values as you do and has a clear purpose. Is your employer like this?

Do You Have The Right Career Purpose?

The uncertainty brought by the current situation may also cause you to ask yourself about your career purpose and how you want to proceed. If you think your present career is no longer working for you, maybe it is time to move to the next one.

Is Your Job Providing You With All The Opportunities You Need?

For some of us, the challenges brought to us by our work make us reconsider whether this is what we want in life. Sometimes, it doesn’t provide enough leeway to grow or offer opportunities to learn more in contrast to your expectations.

Look into your current job’s opportunities, and is it enough for you?

Do You Have All The Flexibility You Need In Your Work?

The pandemic has changed how we look at work, especially our work schedule and our concept of work-life balance. Is your company or business allowing you to have a flexible work setup, or will it enable you to finish your work in a flexible manner?

What Is Your True Speciality?

Review your career progress and see if you could use your specialities as you proceed with the career. If you are not sure what specialities you have, take the time to list them down and see how they helped you in your career.

What Are Your Natural Talents?

While reflecting on your career, see if you discover your natural talents along the way. You should also look into the tasks that boost your productivity and see how to use them in your current role. If you cannot see its benefits in your current position, it may be time to consider a new job that will allow you to use these natural talents.

Are Your Skills Being Wasted?

Many jobs are now shifting to adapt to the changes brought by the current situation in their respective industries. Some find themselves doing new tasks they didn’t sign up for, while others are relegated to duties that do not fit their qualifications. Check what tasks you find yourself in now and see if your skills are being used. As you assess, consider whether this is the time to upskill or find a new job to help you use your talents.

What Are Your Ideal Work Conditions?

Many of us had to apply new techniques during the pandemic to complete our tasks. As a result, you may have new preferences for working and staying productive. Awareness of these habits will help you become more effective in any situation throughout your career.

Which Areas Do You Still Need To Improve On?

While lamenting on your current work, you can determine if you still have areas you need to improve on. Please take note of these skills and see what can be done to improve them.

Is It Time For You To Rewrite Your Career Goals And Your Resume?

Now that you know the state of your career, you may realise that it may be time to rewrite your resume and career goals. Update your resume and clearly list your career goals so you are ready to move if you plan to take a new career.

Life is not the same anymore after the pandemic, and while we could wish everything would go back to normal, we must be ready to face these changes head-on. What we can do at this time is to learn from the experience and make the right decisions that will help us move forward in our careers. Use the questions above as a guide and make it a regular habit each time you ask if your career is proceeding as planned.

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