6 Best Places in Your Neighbourhood to do Remote Work
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6 Best Places in Your Neighbourhood to do Remote Work

Are you a freelancer looking for a great place to do your remote work? If that is a yes, there are a lot of places out there in your neighbourhood that you can check out and serve as your backdrop while doing your work. But which ones will truly help you stay productive and keep you on your toes?

Here is our shortlist of the best places to look out for in your neighbourhood and serve as your new work HQ:

#1 Library

Regardless of how big or small it is, libraries are quiet and offer each user a space to work in peace and quiet. Some libraries even have meeting rooms where people can make calls or meetings without disturbing the rest of the library. WiFi is also free in most libraries and has electrical sockets to keep you online. If you run out of topics to write or do, you can skim through the books available for ideas.

Personally, this is my favourite because my older daughter loves to read so she can spend the entire afternoon in a library so can I!

#2 Coffee Shops

Many remote workers swear by the ambience brought by coffee shops in their work routine. These shops are always energetic regardless of their theme, and you can take a quick break by getting your drink and snack from the counter. You can also get tables that would fit your workstation easily.

Remember to bring headphones to help you focus when the shop becomes crowded. It is also not the ideal place to do your Zoom meetings because of how unpredictable crowd turnout is for these places.

#3 Rented Offices Or Coworking Spaces

Many companies nowadays offer rented office spaces or coworking spaces to help remote workers do their work in a comfortable environment. These spaces have everything a remote worker needs, from fast internet and large workspaces to quiet areas where they can do meetings and so on. Some even offer perks to those who use their spaces, such as free drinks, yoga classes, etc.

#4 Museum

If you are fond of museums and would love to work in an environment where you are surrounded by art and relics, you may want to consider becoming a member of your local museum. Some museums offer free WiFi and public areas to work in peace. You can even work in the gardens surrounding your chosen museum.

#5 Park

Nature lover? Why not consider working at your local park? You can easily find a spot, enjoy the nature around you and focus on your work. Just bring a pocket WiFi and charge your laptop or tablet because not all parks have free WiFi and charging areas for your gadgets.

#6 Hotel

Surprised this is on the list? Hotels can be a great place to work, and many hotels nowadays offer day-use rooms that remote workers can avail for the day. You can work in the hotel’s lobby or cafe if you don’t want to use these day-use rooms.

No matter what kind of remote work you have, working in a new environment can refresh your mind and make your work life more unique. So, when you have free time, scout your neighbourhood to see what it offers and pick the best spot that fits your ideal work environment.

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