How to Support Your Spouse in Resigning From Their Work
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How to Support Your Spouse in Resigning From Their Work

Is your spouse considering resigning, or have they recently left?

Whichever your situation is, it is a question as to how you should react to the action. On the one hand, you can show your happiness that they are now leaving the job that causes them immense stress. On the other hand, you may pressure them into finding another job immediately or get them to handle more of the household work.

But, during this time, you must show your support to your spouse as they transition out of their previous job and attempt to look for a new one. But what is the best way to show your support? Here are some tips we recommend you try out:

Boost Their Confidence

When they are about to resign or have resigned from their job, your spouse will need all the support they can get to help them recover from their experience. It is possible that they would feel bad for leaving their job despite having had a bad experience working there. Some would say that their motivation is low and affects their productivity.

As their spouse, you are their biggest supporter, so when they feel down or don’t know what’s next for their career, sit down with them to look into their strengths and what is working in their strategy. List these points down and help them find opportunities that would allow them to use their strengths to great effect.

Keep Them On Track

When we quit something, there are chances when we get sidetracked by other things, which disables us from what we need to do next. Your spouse may fall into this problem, so it is critical that you do your best to keep them on track in their job search. Ask them key questions like how the search is going or if they’ve gotten any progress, as these will show that you are paying close attention to their search and are there to cheer them on when they need it.

Let them search for themselves and only step in when they ask for your help. Remember, they will feel much better if they manage to find themselves a new job. But be ready when they ask you to help them focus.

Reassign Household Responsibilities

When your spouse has left their job, don’t immediately consider it a green light to give them all the household responsibilities while you do your work. At this time, you should allow them to focus on their job search and research. Just ask them to take a break occasionally and not forget to spend time with the family. You will need to cooperate to balance work-related tasks and household chores.

Speak About Your Finances

If your partner is assisting with the bills and other expenses in the household, the fact they resigned and now needs to find work means your household expenses have been reduced. This will pressure them into finding a job quickly, and they end up with a job they don’t really like. 

It is an excellent way to show your support by allaying your spouse’s fears regarding your finances. Take your time to discuss it and find ways to save to help with household expenses and new expenses that may be incurred during the job search. Check health care options and unemployment benefits to help with bills until your spouse can get a new job.

When your spouse resigns from their job, it will no doubt shake your family, especially as your spouse tries to plan their next move. As their spouse, you must be as supportive as possible because this time will not be easy for your spouse. With the tips above and teamwork, you can give them the support they need while ensuring it does not cause problems for the entire family.

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