Is There Really A Best Time to Schedule an Interview
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Is There Really A Best Time to Schedule an Interview

When you get an interview invitation, you may ask yourself if you should schedule it immediately or later. While it is not guaranteed that you will always get the final say when your interview will be, it is best to plan accordingly if you are given the chance to pick the date.

Ideally, you would want to schedule your interview when the recruiter is most engaged, and they are in a good mood. Knowing this can boost your chances of getting the job and assist you in preparing for the interview well. This time also reduces the bias you may face during the interview, often developed by the recruiter’s fatigue throughout the week.

To help you determine this perfect time for your interview, here are some tips we recommend you try out:

Tip 1: Don’t Schedule It During The Early Morning

Contrary to popular belief, being first in an interview and scheduling it in the early morning is never good. The reason for this is that your interviewer may still be groggy or late for the interview. You may also be the benchmark for the other candidates, which may affect their interviews.

Tip 2: Don’t Be The Last Person To Be Interviewed

You also wouldn’t want to be the last interviewee a recruiter has to meet that day. Since they have met many people, they may be exhausted when it’s your turn to be interviewed. Their exhaustion will make them unable to decide if your application is good, which can affect your viability for the position.

Tip 3: Schedule It In The Middle

The ideal time to schedule the interview is during the middle of the work week, namely around 10 am to 11:30 am on a Tuesday. During this time, everyone will actively engage with people and closely examine your application.

Tip 4: Be Open To Compromise

When you cannot schedule the interview on time, try compromising with them and offering your best available slots. If not, you can consider asking them what is the best day for them if your schedule doesn’t match with them.

Tip 5: Avoid Scheduling It Before And After The Holidays Or During The Weekend

It is best not to schedule your interview before or after a holiday or during the weekend. This is because some individuals may find it hard to be productive during this time and distract people from doing their tasks. In this case, your interviewer will be focused elsewhere, which is not in the interview.

Whether you can schedule the interview or have to deal with the schedule set by the recruiters, it is best that you plan accordingly to increase your chances of succeeding in the interview. With proper planning, you can do well during the interview and reduce the possibility of your interview going the other way.

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