Little Updates on My Birthday
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Little Updates on My Birthday

Hello, MiddleMe readers! It has been a long time since I haven’t been commenting in the comments because I was travelling like crazy. In addition, I had a few problems with the WordPress app (which I fixed by migrating to the Jetpack app instead.) So super sorry for Missing In Action! 

For those who followed me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will realise that I started posting more about my travels and thoughts. If you like to follow me on social media, here are the links:

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Now that I have Jetpack, I will go back to replying to comments! (Unless I am travelling again without connection.) So if you are not fond of social media, please comment on my website or just drop me a message at to connect. 

So some recent updates on what is happening in my life.. 

Dropped My Business 

I realised pretty early on that the partnership wasn’t working out with me wanting different goals and not being satisfied with being mediocre. I was working way too much without a break. 12 hours, 7 days non-stop. Alas, it wasn’t a dream partnership, and I pulled out of it fairly quickly. It could have been a successful business with the right people, but it’s not meant to be; it’s not meant to be. 

I’ve learnt some hard lessons and surprised myself with the courage to walk away. The old me would have clung on with unrealistic hopes, but this 2023 me chose to see the red flags and say no. 

No regrets because I got some pretty high acknowledgement from the industry honchos. In fact, I had 5 business offers after they heard that I had left. This affirmed my skills, and I must admit it does boost my confidence from what I thought was a failure to a winner. 

Pick Up Some Major Projects 

I always believe that many opportunities will open when a door is closed. You just need to know where to look. And boy, I suddenly was flooded with prepositions and offers from left, right and centre. 

I picked some and rejected some. I wanted to do projects to help me grow and take my skills into different industries. I also wanted to work with well-established overseas companies with different working cultures. I’m currently working with 3 major companies in their respective industries. But importantly, these projects and clients must be flexible with my time and deadlines because….

Did Some Intense Traveling 

I did a lot of intense travelling for the past 6 months. Each time I stayed around 1 – 2 weeks. Using the first half of 2023 to rejuvenate myself and focus on spending quality time with my family and committing to my passion for Scuba diving. 

I dropped some significant weight due to the intensity of this sport and lost all the weight I gained during my last pregnancy. Now I’m back at premarital weight 8 years ago! Yay! 

Improving My Outer Self

I’m about improving my inner self and creating a harmonious balance in my mental state, but I don’t focus as much on external beauty. I’m not vain and have never really been someone who dolled herself up before she stepped out of the house. (I’m more of a tee and short type of girl.) But after losing weight and getting a lot of positive comments, I realise I need to take care of myself in this aspect too. Looking good and feeling good goes hand in hand. 

So next up, I’m having eye surgery to correct my eyesight, so I don’t have myopia anymore. This means no more specs or contact lenses. I did this mainly because I was having trouble matching the correct contact lenses as I had developed presbyopia and astigmatism on top of my myopia recently, and this led to headaches and sore, tired eyes during my dives, which made it uncomfortable and dangerous. I hope this doesn’t mean too much downtime from the screen as I’m freelancing and saving for my next trips. 

Thank you for being with MiddleMe

Once again, thank you for following and supporting me all these years. I do hope that the articles have been mostly helpful and insightful. If you do have any questions, please drop me an email or DM me on my social. I will reply in the shortest time possible. 

Until the next post, enjoy your weekend and thank you for your blessings, love and wishes on my birthday. 

Muacks! 😘

from MiddleMe

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