5 Methods to Get Your Perfect Applicant to Say Yes
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5 Methods to Get Your Perfect Applicant to Say Yes

During a recruitment drive or a job posting, it is not uncommon to have the best candidate turn down an offer, no matter how good it is. When it happens, the recruiter will have to go for the next best applicant or redo the entire recruitment process until you get a suitable applicant for the position. This will cost more money and affect your credibility as an effective recruiter.

If you want to improve your track record and get these perfect candidates to say yes, here are five methods you can try out:

Write Interesting Adverts

You will need to sort out your adverts to catch the attention of the perfect applicants. It must be written clearly, and the points must be realistic so applicants know exactly what the job is about and make them curious. The advert must also have a call to action so applicants will know what to do next if they are interested.

Create A Good Working Culture

One of the reasons why top applicants deny the offer they get from recruiters is due to the poor working culture of the company. Work culture helps companies to inspire their employees and acquire new talent. Invest time and resources to improve the business’ work culture and get the entire company to embrace these changes.

Get To Know The Applicants

Applicants have various reasons for applying for a job and rejecting it even if they get an offer. Those not genuinely applying for the job will have a particular set of requirements to consider the position. Take the time to research and speak to these applicants in depth to see their motivation and reasoning.

Negotiate With The Applicants

Once you know the applicants and they are indeed the ones you want for the company, negotiate if they show signs of doubt or uncertainty. Respond to their calls and inquiries and be honest. It would be best to ensure no communication lapses to show your dedication.

Overcome Rejections And Get Feedback

If the applicant still says no, you can still save the discussion by asking them the reason for their response and if they could share. Use the information you receive from them to improve your strategy next time. You can also consider their demand to determine if you can negotiate.

Applicants are now becoming very selective regarding the positions they accept. If you want them to sign up with your company, step into their shoes and try to understand what they need to adjust your job offer accordingly. Once you respond to your applicants’ needs and believe they will be critical to your business’ success, you can convince them to sign up with your company. Even if you do not get them to sign up for your company, the fact you have done your best to accommodate their needs will inspire them to tell others who may be interested in the open position.

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