How to Plan a Successful Workcation
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How to Plan a Successful Workcation

When you ask freelancers why they picked their chosen career, many would say they prefer it over an office job because it allows them to work anywhere so long as there is wifi and a place to work. For savvy and dedicated freelancers, they would pack their laptops and travel the world at the same time.

If you want to transform your freelance or your remote work into a workcation, here’s how you can make it a successful one:

Pick The Right Place

The first step in planning a successful workcation is picking the right location to go to and stay in. As a freelancer, your accommodations should always have reliable high-speed internet so you can finish your work and a place free from distractions.

Do your research and check your possible accommodations regarding its internet and facilities. If you want reassurance, you can still work if your accommodations have limited facilities; check the surrounding areas and see what is available, but personally, I would prefer if my room has reliable internet than to keep going to the lounge or the lobby to share the public wifi. Especially if you have clients from different timezones, you wouldn’t want to walk into the lobby in your PJs at 1am.

Having the right location can definitely make a huge difference to succeed in your workcation.

Schedule Properly

If you want your workcation to work, you need to determine the right time of when to do it. If your work tends to have a busy season, it is best to schedule your workcation afterwards so you don’t have to worry about meeting strict deadlines.

However, if your work involves creating new things and you are looking for inspiration, fix your workcation as soon as possible. No matter which situation you find yourself in, make sure to schedule it at the right time and know what work you need to complete.

Pack The Right Stuff

Whether this is your first trip or you are a pro traveller, packing is a skill not many truly masters. When you consider packing for a workcation, your luggage should have equal amounts of things you will use for your vacation and what you will use for work.

With this in mind, make sure to have carry-on space for your work devices, make sure they are ready to go and things that can help you relax after work. Don’t leave your work devices in a checked suitcase, in case your luggage gets delayed or goes missing.

Focus On Work-Life Balance

During workcations, you need to hit a balance in both work and place. Schedule your workcation to have a day for relaxation and a day for work. If you have some downtime between your vacation activities and your work, use it to keep up with your small tasks.

Use Apps To Keep Track Of Your Work

If you want to keep track of your work, use apps to help you do so. Some apps allow you to stay engaged with your tasks, while others help you manage your time. Use the apps you find easy to use and adjust them to match your schedule.

As a freelancer, the ability to work wherever you desire opens opportunities for you to explore the world around you. But, before you get carried away, it is best to plan your workcation plans carefully for it to be both productive and fun. Use the tips above to adjust your workcation plans to make your next adventure successful for your work and yourself.

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