What is Most Important: Money or Position?
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What is Most Important: Money or Position?

When you ask someone what they look into first when looking for a position, you will get varied answers. Some say they would go for money as it is their way to pay off their debts and be financially stable. Others would say they go after the position itself because it will allow them to do what they love. A few would say it doesn’t matter what the position is as long as they have work (but who are we kidding here, right?).

Because of these varied answers, employers tend to ask prospective employees what matters to them most: the position or money. Their response can help employers if the person before them is someone who will be committed to the job if they are accepted, or they are only coached to answer in a way that shows they are not motivated by something else. It will also let them get an idea of what the employee’s passions are and if it will help them succeed in the position.

One can never tell when this question will appear during the interview. But, you can prepare your answer early and give it depth to reflect your commitment to the position. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Be consistent
    Like any other interview question, you must be consistent in your answers to let employers know you are confident about your reasoning.
  • Ask yourself about your answer
    As you prepare yourself for the interview, don’t hesitate to give yourself time to reflect on your response to this question. While money is necessary, enjoying the job guarantees job satisfaction, work-life balance and more. There are also jobs you are ok to work on regardless of the pay and employment requiring higher compensation to entice you to work for them.
  • Provide your reasoning
    No matter what your stance, provide your reasoning to show that you have thought of your answer. If you believe that money is important, provide examples of jobs that will call for higher pay in your opinion.
  • Let them know your goals
    When answering this question, give the employer an idea of your goals and how it blends perfectly with the company’s mission statement.
  • Avoid constantly reiterating about money
    If you tell an interviewer that money is more important to you than the job, you will only give them the idea that if a high-paying job comes along, you will immediately leave the job. Meanwhile, you should avoid giving cliche answers when you provide your reasoning.

It is undeniable that money is important when looking for a job. However, even if you find a high-paying job, you may soon discover that the job may not fit you. You may even end up quitting that job in a short period and have to find another job.

When facing this question, be very honest and let them know that you want to pursue the position to have an opportunity to do what you love while still earning a reasonable salary. If you do it right, you can get and enjoy the job.

Leave a comment below on which is more important for you!

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