Why You Should Take Time to Mourn during Career Transitions
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Why You Should Take Time to Mourn during Career Transitions

Have you recently resigned from a position you love or a job that doesn’t feel like the one? Whatever your situation and why you find yourself in this state, you will have all sorts of negative emotions as you try to find or move to a new job. Some people can get over it quickly, while others don’t.

If you want to move past these emotions and help you transition between careers, mourning for your job is the best way to do it. But what does mourning do for you?

It Helps You Get Past The Feelings Of Denial And Isolation

Whether you left your job by choice or circumstance, you may be caught in denial as you try to recover from the loss. You will also feel isolated because you are not with the people who share your passion or think the advice you are getting is not enough to clear your mind.

Through mourning, you will be able to slowly accept that you are in the process of a career shift and speak out about what you are feeling now.

Reduces Anger

Mourning also assists in reducing any anger you may have over your previous work. Some do not even recognize that they are angry, so they cannot process it accordingly.

By realizing that you are angry, you can control your emotions better and stop yourself from doing something you may regret. It would be best to let these feelings pass first so you won’t show the wrong vibes to others.

Have A Clearer Perspective About Your Next Move

As you transition from your previous career to your next one, you may make harsh or poor decisions if you don’t take the time to mourn the loss you may feel for losing your job. You may even bargain for jobs that aren’t truly fit for you.

Speak to a career coach or a trusted mentor before you go to a job interview or consider your next option. They can help you determine if the position you plan to apply for is solid and what conditions you will be ok to accept.

Get The Right Help When You Become Depressed

For some people, dealing with a career transition can get very depressing, especially if you are moving out of the job you loved. When you are depressed, it can be hard to move on, and you will start developing negative thoughts.

When these thoughts come into mind, you must accept that it will take some time and effort before you get the job you are comfortable with. If the thoughts won’t go away, seek the help of a psychologist.

Acknowledge The New Situation

Once you have taken the time to grieve about your lost career, you can now slowly move forward and acknowledge your new career status. Learning to accept will also help you reduce the chances of focusing on the what-ifs, learn from your previous experience and move forward. If you need extra support, your family, friends and colleagues are there for you!

Life can be very unpredictable, and challenges will cause you to make decisions you don’t like. When the challenges bring you to a career shift, don’t immediately force yourself to move forward. Take all the time you need to get through the experience and grieve your losses with the people you love. Once you get everything together, it will be easier to push forward.

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