5 Best Motivational Podcasts to Level Up Your Learning
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5 Best Motivational Podcasts to Level Up Your Learning

Are you slowly losing motivation with the work you are doing? Or are you looking for a new hobby to try out?

No matter what situation you are in, everyone does experience these bouts of low motivation and a poor work-life balance. While some can weather through these bouts, not all can find the right inspiration to act.

If you are looking for motivational means to boost your learning, why not consider signing up for a motivational podcast that can get you started? Here are 5 of the best motivational podcasts on air to get you levelling up your learning.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

If you have problems making your goals a reality, you should tune in to Greg Clunis’ podcast: “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.” In this podcast, he teaches listeners to take tiny steps to reach their goals and make considerable changes in their lives. Aside from these lessons, the podcast also discusses other topics, such as finding their true motivation, and understanding passions and others.

How to Fail

While failing is not a topic that you may connect to motivation, this podcast by Elizabeth Day talks about how people can use their failures to become their motivation for success. The show often features guests providing examples of moments where they failed and how they stood up against the challenge.

The Calmer You Podcast

Given the fast and hectic pace we all live today, we will need ways to stay calm and happy. In this podcast, therapist Chloe Brotheridge interviews various experts to talk about topics that can cause stress and how to find ways to reduce it. Each episode will also remind people that it is okay to take a break occasionally and emphasise one’s mental health.

The Good Life Project

This podcast focuses on helping people build new relationships, create connections, and pursue their passions. The show’s guest hosts provide excellent examples of how one can deal with certain life challenges and become a better person.

The Science of Success

Want to increase your chances of making your dreams a reality? Why not use science-supported strategies that are discussed in this podcast? The podcast details how habits and other behaviours can affect one’s mindset and how a person can lead a productive life with the help of practical strategies and tips.

Motivational podcasts offer a unique way to improve yourself without spending a lot of time sifting through various resources available online. Experts lead the discussions in their respective fields and provide real insights on how people can improve themselves regardless of their situation. So, if you want to change your routine and keep learning, add one of these podcasts to your favourite audio app and start listening.

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