5 Types of Negative Behaviour Managers Need to Look Out For
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5 Types of Negative Behaviour Managers Need to Look Out For

Every workplace hosts various personalities that influence how the company functions. Managers must be on their toes to get these personalities to work together, especially those whose behaviours affect their colleagues and the business.

But, while managers know the importance of getting negative behaviours out of their teams, it can be hard to determine which behaviours can genuinely spell disaster for the entire team. Some may even hide their true behaviours when they know their superiors are watching.

To help you with this problem, here are five types of negative behaviours you need to look out for:

1. Absenteeism

Employees who often appear late at work or do not show up at all can cost a workplace. Their absence affects productivity and misses critical deadlines since others will be forced to do the tasks these absent employees were assigned. It also causes a higher risk of burnout for those at work since the extra work and pressure can be too much. Furthermore, others may be inclined to copy the absent employees.

2. Rude

Workplaces should be a positive space for employees since it is where they spend most of their time each day. However, if an employee is constantly rude to their colleagues and clients, it can affect employee and client relationships.

3. Bullies

No matter what kind of workplace you may have, workplace bullying is not uncommon. It can create psychological trauma for your team and affect the business. Workplace bullies unfairly treat certain team members by excluding them from meetings and attacking them physically.

4. Lack of Dedication

Determining if one employee is losing or lacking dedication in the work before them can be tricky. However, some signs you can look for include a careless attitude towards work and collaboration and they constantly show poor performance despite being told to improve. If they are left on their own, it can affect the entire team’s productivity and dedication.

5. Unable to accept accountability

One behaviour you need to consider in your employees is their ability to accept their mistakes and be accountable. If one can take responsibility for their actions, the employee will be more than dedicated to improving so it doesn’t happen in the future. But, if they cannot accept accountability, it can dissuade others from working together and pursuing a common goal.

As a manager, you must be able to spot negative behaviours immediately before it causes problems for the rest of the team. When you spot these behaviours, don’t hesitate to address them by letting these employees know the potential consequences of their actions and providing support to the team.

You should also be professional when dealing with these employees and stay positive to reach a good compromise. If your efforts don’t work, you should consider what is best for the team and have new policies in place to stop negative behaviours from your team.

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