Why Should You Ask for Regular Feedback and Not Wait for Your Annual Appraisal
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Why Should You Ask for Regular Feedback and Not Wait for Your Annual Appraisal

If you want a good guide on improving your professional skills, you must get feedback from your colleagues or boss. However, people tend to fear feedback because they fear that it is filled with negative comments rather than supporting information one needs to improve.

People genuinely fear appraisals, which are evaluations or judgments of a person’s performance. Usually, it is given after a year, which adds to the fear of many since they would not know what it will mean for them. Feedback is quite different, and it can be provided at any time.

But, if you are still unsure about getting feedback regularly, here’s why you should ask for it and not wait until you are scheduled for an annual appraisal:

Makes You Accountable For Your Actions

When you ask and receive feedback, it will inform you of your progress as you work hard toward your and the company’s goals. It also makes you accountable for your actions as you work with others. You will be able to focus better and improve on the quality of your work.

It Helps You Reduce Mistakes

Some lessons are only possible when you make mistakes that will lead you to these lessons. But, if you want to avoid them, you can use the feedback to work your way around possible challenges you may face. Your colleagues and even your boss may have experience with what you are about to do and give you tips on how to use the experience to improve yourself and succeed.

Keeps You Motivated

Asking for regular feedback also helps you stay motivated, especially when you face any challenging work. You will also be motivated to showcase your strengths while working diligently to improve your weaknesses. Feedback is also one great way you can get an appreciation for the work that you do, and people value it. Your peers and manager will also see that you are someone who is committed to improving themselves when you ask them for regular feedback.

Gets You Out Of Your Funk

Sometimes, we often feel stuck when we cannot solve a problem or complete a challenge. If you ask for feedback, you will get new perspectives on how to solve the problem or deal with a challenge since they may have faced the same trouble as you did before. Just make sure that your questions are precise so they can provide you with the proper feedback.

It Helps You Overcome Your Fear Of Feedback

It is undeniable that asking people for their input can get scary. However, ask for feedback if you want to improve yourself and overcome your fear. Remember, you ask for honest feedback to help you grow and be open when they provide it. If you are defensive, it deters others from being frank with you and gives you the correct feedback.

Asking for regular feedback should not be something we should fear unless we are in a work environment that doesn’t allow it. If you are in a good work environment, don’t be afraid to seek feedback because it will help you in the long run. Just remember to analyze each input you get and approach the right people.

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