4 Top Tips for a Successful AI Resume
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4 Top Tips for a Successful AI Resume

Recruitment changed when AI technology was introduced to the process. It has made it both efficient for job seekers and hiring managers but also daunting, given the amount of AI tools and programs available in the market to choose from.

If you are a job seeker and working on your resume, there are AI tools that can help you write it. But, if you want to make sure it does the job and help your resume succeed, here are four top tips you need to remember:

Simplicity Is Key

AI tools are still a work in progress, which is why they still have considerable limitations to how much they can automate certain steps and provide accurate results. If you are using AI tools to help you write your resume, you may find it difficult to analyze your current resume if it has extended and complex terms and sentences.

Before putting your resume on an AI resume checker, keep your resume simple by using precise wording and only the correct information needed for the position you are applying for. You should also keep the structure simple and consistent so the algorithm can pick it up.

Add The Right Keywords

When applying for any job, you must place the right keywords to show that you have read the job description and have the qualifications to prove it. Employers also use these keywords as a way to screen applicants faster.

To check if your resume has all the right keywords for the AI to notice, research the keywords used for the industry or position you are applying for. You should also consider the terms used for the position, such as programming languages, certifications and others. As you add these keywords, ensure your grammar is correct because AI checkers don’t easily spot these errors.

Showcase Your Experience And Skills

While writing your resume, you should highlight your skills and experience. This will showcase that you have the skills the company is looking for and put you a step up from the competition.

Revise the resume accordingly to showcase the right experience and skills needed for the position you are applying for. You can put them in different sections so the AI can immediately spot them.

See How It Reads In Plain Text

You should also test how your resume would look in plain text. Some companies often convert resumes into plain text documents as it is easier to read, with AI resume readers doing this automatically.

Before using an AI reader, check how a resume will look in a simpler format. See if the information is aligned to the right point, and the order of the resume is logical. Ideally, have your experience and achievements written in reverse chronological order as it is the common standard.

With AI now used by recruiters and hiring managers to streamline their recruitment, it is critical that your resume is polished perfectly to get past the next step. With the steps above, you can identify which parts of your resume should be modified to achieve the best results.

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