How to Speak Up At A Meeting
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How to Speak Up At A Meeting

Whether you are a new employee or a long-time one, speaking up during a meeting is never easy. It can be hard to pick the right cues to tell you when to start speaking and what tone to use as you call the other’s attention. If you are very shy or nervous to speak out, the stress of speaking in a meeting can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are ways to get by these problems and help you find your focus. Below is our short guide on speaking up at a meeting without worries and inspiring others to contribute to the discussions.

Prepare Before The Meeting

One of the reasons a person can find it hard to speak up in a meeting is that they are not sure what to talk about. Meetings often have an agenda that is mentioned before the meeting takes place. With this in mind, take note of the agenda mentioned and do your research before going to the meeting.

If it will help, bring your notes during the meeting to help you feel confident and keep up with the discussions.

Don’t Censor Yourself

We tend to overthink things and censor ourselves when we are nervous. However, it is essential to remember that we were invited to the meeting because people believe in what you have to say and censoring yourself will disable you from expressing these thoughts appropriately. When you do remember this, you will be able to see your worth and be more confident in speaking during these discussions.

Ask Questions

Asking questions can be an excellent way to start meetings and facilitate discussions. During your preparations, list down your questions about the topic and raise them. As you raise these questions, your colleagues will see you are ready to help and have followed the discussions. You will also find it much easier to speak up since your colleagues will take note of your questions and answer them.

Believe In Your Answers

As you ask questions, you will find yourself being asked questions that are within your specialities. Sometimes, the nervousness can kick in and cause us to feel inadequate to answer such questions. But, by remembering why you are there and believing in yourself, you will be able to get the trust of your peers and become someone they can rely on when it comes to the topic at hand.

Listen To The Discussions

Listening to the discussions and taking notes will also help you out in speaking at a meeting. You can pick up key points you want to ask or elaborate on as you listen. Ensure your responses are well-thought-out before raising them during the meeting to avoid derailing your discussions.


Before a meeting, don’t hesitate to practice. Practice can help you control your fears when speaking up, and if you do make a blunder during a meeting, be accountable and strive to improve.

When you are invited to a meeting, please don’t shy away from it and use the opportunity to show your value to your team. If you find it hard to speak up during these meetings, don’t hesitate to try out these tips above and see what works for you. With some practice and persistence, you will notice a difference in how you respond to meetings and other discussions in the workplace.

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