6 Ways to Develop a Better Relationship with Your Boss
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6 Ways to Develop a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Many factors can help you succeed in your job, from doing your best in every task given to you to building a solid relationship with your colleagues. For some, building a good working relationship with a boss is also a factor that contributes to one’s success in one’s career and makes one’s work experience unique.

While it is easy to determine what your boss wants to know and where to start building these ties, successfully building the relationship will take time and effort.

If you want to start building a better working relationship with your boss, here are six ways to help you get started:

1. Set Up Meetings In Advance

As an employee, you may be reluctant to speak to your boss in any way if they use the opportunity to give you more work or get scolded. But, if you take the initiative to meet them and schedule it in advance, you will show your boss that you are keeping up with your targets and meeting their expectations.

During these meetings, you can talk about your current projects potential ideas you can work on and simply check up on them and the company’s goals.

2. Show Your Dedication To Your Work

Your boss wants a team that is passionate about their work and helps the company succeed. If you show them your drive to improve your craft, your boss will definitely notice and even reward you.

3. Improve Your Conversational Skills

No one wants to be in sight of our bosses because you may make a mistake when they see you. It is also nerve-wracking to be in your boss’ vision because you may feel like you are being judged for everything you are doing.

While it is okay to feel this way, you don’t have to fear it every time it happens. Take the time to engage with them and use this as an opportunity to learn more.

4. Identify Ways On How You Can Help The Company Further

Aside from your daily tasks, you can also look into what you can bring to the company long-term to help you build a stronger relationship with your boss. List down what potential issues or fields the company may face and see how you can help with it through new skills.

You can seek help from your boss to help you sign up for new lessons and even provide you with advice if they have experience.

5. Don’t Just Please Them

You should also build a relationship with your boss by building a solid relationship with them, not just to please them. Ask them about their day and see if you can do something together with the team after work.

6. Be True To Yourself

You shouldn’t forget about being yourself when you speak to your boss. Your boss doesn’t expect you always to stay professional; if you need help, they will be more than willing to assist if they can. Don’t hesitate to explain why your performance has diminished or you are acting strangely in the office. Should they agree to help, be open to reaching a compromise.

Building a strong working relationship with your boss doesn’t mean you should try to be their favourite worker. It is to take the initiative in showing that you are an integral part of your team, value your team, and trust their advice and authority. When your boss sees your sincerity, they will slowly open up to you.

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