How to Make Sure WFH Employees are Productive
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How to Make Sure WFH Employees are Productive

Since the COVID-19 pandemic halted businesses, remote work has gained more traction than ever before. Not only has it allowed companies to continue with their operations, but it has also shown employees an alternative to how they work.

With COVID becoming a part of life, companies and businesses are calling back their employees to the office. While some agree to do so, others would often request to keep a work-from-home arrangement. Although there is nothing wrong with allowing these employees to stay in remote work, there is a concern that these employees will not perform as expected.

To make sure your WFH employees stay productive and connected to the rest of the team, here are some ways that can help:

Set Expectations Early

Setting your expectations early for your team can help them focus on their work and know what is expected of them. It will also help them understand how they can collaborate with those in the office and how they can stay connected.

Update Their Workspace And Technology

If you want your employees to be productive while doing remote work, you must ensure their workspace at home and their technology are up-to-date. If you can do so, you can lend or give them the technology they can use at home or help them set up their workspace with the help of incentives.

Check-In With Them Regularly

You should also make it a point to check in with your remote employees regularly to see how they are doing. By making sure they are on track, they learn how to be accountable for their actions, and you will be able to identify any possible problems that may affect their productivity.

Launch Team Bonding And Engagement Projects

Sometimes, WFH employees feel isolated from the rest of their co-workers the longer they are in a remote setup. You can counter this problem by launching team bonding and engagement projects that your entire team can do online or offline. When you provide your team with these opportunities, they will be able to get to know each other better and find ways to collaborate despite the distance they have from one another.

Have Wellness Surveys

Finally, you should also have regular wellness surveys to see if your remote employees feel disconnected or depressed while working at home. You can then act accordingly to help them recover and reconnect them to the rest of the team.

The appeal of working from home is tough to resist for employees. However, as their team leader or manager, you must ensure it does not affect your operations and targets. Whether you are permitting your employees to work from home or it is the setup that works best for your team, apply the following steps in your operations. If you keep at it and show your dedication in connecting everyone in the team, your employees will deliver good work every single time.

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