Stand Out in Group Interviews Today
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Stand Out in Group Interviews Today

Are you scheduled to attend a group interview? If you are, preparing for it can be more complicated than a standard one-on-one interview. As the name implies, you must compete with multiple candidates simultaneously and stand out to get the position.

So, how can you prepare for these interviews? Here are 5 top steps you can try to help you stand out:

Research The Company And The Interviewer

Before the interview, make sure you do your research about the company and the person who will do the interview. This will help you know how they can potentially handle the interview and the values they seek. You can research the company’s website or the interviewer’s professional resume. You can even check job forums to see if other interviewees have shared their experience with the company or the interviewer.

Be On Time

Like other interviews, you must be on time for your group interview. As much as possible, be there first and not be the last. Being first will allow you to get a feel of the surroundings and speak with the interviewer while the others arrive. This will also allow you to build a good first impression before the interview begins.

Do The Interview First

The interviewer will ask the group if they want to go first in group interviews. This can allow you to introduce yourself, ask a question, or get interviewed. If you can, volunteer because this can positively improve their perception of you. Even if the interviewer does not pick you up, if someone else requests to go first, they will remember you for volunteering.

Review And Prepare Your Answers To Common Interview Questions

Group interviews follow the same format as one-on-one interviews, so you will be asked common interview questions you can prepare for. Some of these questions include your work experience, personal goals, goals while working for the company, what you can bring to the company and others. You should also be ready to adjust these answers accordingly if the interviewer asks for additional information.

Send Your Thanks

Don’t forget to send a thank you note or email to the interviewer if you have their contact details. Sending one follow-up to your interview can help you build more impressions, as the interviewer will remember you easily. Should you not get the position, you can use the opportunity to extend your network.

Group interviewers don’t need to be stressed if you prepare early and understand how it works. When you find out your interview date, apply the following tips above to help you get ready and keep your nerves in control. Once the interview date arrives, go with confidence and apply what you learned during your preparations. Whether you get the position or not, the interviewer will notice if you prepared well and made the impression they want.

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