Are Workcations a Trap?
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Are Workcations a Trap?

Companies and businesses are offering new ways for their employees to choose from to catch the eyes of the right talent and retain their existing roster. One of these ways is through workcations or working while also enjoying a vacation.

While workcations sound fantastic, and there are success stories of people who managed to succeed in their careers while doing workcations, is it all that great? Is it just a trap for people?

The answer to this question greatly varies because each person will have a different method of how they will do a staycation. Because of this fact, it will be hard to determine if it is indeed a trap or a perfect way to work.

If you are considering whether you should take one, here are things you need to consider:

Benefits of Workcations

To succeed in your workcation, you must understand how it works and its benefits. Workcations are perfect for those who wish to improve their mental well-being, reduce distractions, and achieve a work-life balance. If done correctly, one can receive all these benefits and more.

Setbacks of Workcation

Workcation does come with setbacks when you do take it. You may be unable to complete your work because you are distracted by the activities you can do during your workcation. You may also find it hard to enjoy the vacation aspect of your workation because of work. Further limitations can be set by the location of your workcation, which can affect your work schedule and the quality of your work.

Know the Nature of Your Work

It is also essential to determine the benefits workcation can bring to your work and if it will fit your work setup. You must ensure you can work in peace and without mishaps in the place you plan to go to. You should also have everything you need to complete your work, even during your workcation; this can be difficult if your work requires many tools.

You also need to be very transparent about your workcation with your team so that you can maintain credibility and keep your relationship with them strong. Failure to do so can only cause misunderstandings between you and the rest of the team.

Work can get stressful if you focus too much on it, and the work piles up without pause. While you can improve your work by doing it in a different location and taking a vacation after you are done, not all work may fit a workcation setup. So, before thinking about getting into one, study your situation first and see if it will truly benefit you and your work. If you can see that you can do your work and vacation without the other spilling over, consider it. If not, consider other alternatives because pushing for a workcation can only cost you and your company a lot.

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