What to Do if Your Boss Doesn’t Like You?
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What to Do if Your Boss Doesn’t Like You?

When you go to work, do you often feel like your boss doesn’t really like you? Or do you usually clash with your boss even for the most minor problems?

If this happens to you, you are not alone in this experience. There can be many reasons why a boss acts that way towards you. Some may only act that way because they still do not know you well or would like to push you further if they believe you are not performing well. Others may hate you because they do not like your personality or your presence in general.

So, what do you do to improve the situation? Here are some tips on improving things with your boss if they don’t like you.

Work on Trust

Some bosses may find it hard to like you if they believe you are not performing at the level they thought you could. Usually, they display their opinion overtly by reducing your opportunities to do more work and providing negative feedback to prevent you from getting benefits or promotions.

To improve your situation, speaking to them and finding out their expectations is best. This will allow you to determine what you are doing wrong and how to improve accordingly. When you speak to them, ask the right questions without sounding confrontational or antagonistic.

You should also be forthcoming when you need their help so that they understand that they may have given you the wrong type of work and reduce their expectations. Of course, you don’t need to rush your changes to improve your situation with your boss. Take it slowly but steadily so they can see you are doing your best.

Open Communication

The reason your boss doesn’t like you may be because you don’t connect with them well. You can alleviate this problem by watching their movements and making the right contact. For example, if they are looking at you, make eye contact with them. You can also start by engaging them with discussions about work and take note of which topics catch their attention the most.

It is also possible that they don’t feel connected with you because of their age, culture or style preferences. You can use the information you gleaned from your discussions with them or what they do to determine how to bridge the divide. Adjust your actions accordingly to their response.

Extend Your Focus

It would help if you also considered the other factors that may have influenced your boss’ dislike of you. Some of these factors can include the pressure they are also facing, their biases, and even the existing gossip around them. When you learn about these factors, see how you can help your boss and show that you are interested in helping them.

It will not be easy to improve your relationship with your boss if you do not have a clear idea of why they treat you in a certain way. However, if you take your time to know these reasons and use the opportunity to improve the situation, you may be able to improve the situation between you and your boss. Your boss will also appreciate your efforts and change how they see your workplace presence.

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