3 Excellent Habits of High Performing Teams
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3 Excellent Habits of High Performing Teams

Before a business can succeed, it will need to have a high-performing team to ensure the business operations run smoothly at any given time. However, this is not an easy feat because each employee is different, and their habits may affect your team’s success rate.

So, how can you help your team succeed and perform flawlessly to your standards? Here are 3 excellent habits you can install on them:

Utilising The Premortem Technique

Decision-making is complex, especially if these decisions are crucial for the project. Some decisions may look good at first, but they may not be helpful for the business in the long run. Some decisions will come with enormous consequences but will be the push your business needs to reach its goals.

High-performing teams will still make mistakes and support minor decisions. But, when it comes to decision-making, they evaluate all possible factors that may affect their success and identify potential risks and means to prevent it. This practice is known as the premortem technique. If done perfectly, the team will be able to avoid mistakes easily and prevent obvious risks regardless of the decision they take. 

Open Communication

Successful and high-performing teams will not get to their situation if they do not regularly communicate with one another. Open and effective communication allows the team to stay up-to-date with the latest updates on projects, company events and changes they need to know. It will help reduce misunderstandings and ensure everyone is doing their part on the same level.

Should the team make mistakes, open communication can allow members to work together to find a solution and offer advice to avoid these mistakes. 


Giving and receiving feedback is another habit you should push on your team to improve its performance and teamwork. However, some employees are reluctant or scared to provide or receive it because they believe this feedback will only be damaging and will be used against them.

Feedback is crucial to a team’s success because it helps each member identify what areas they are strong or weak at. They will then know what they can do to improve and even prevent themselves from making mistakes in the future. For high-performing teams, feedback is given and received regularly, and they do not hesitate to tell others to use the feedback to learn or improve themselves. They also help each other believe that the feedback they are getting is not meant to discourage them but rather to push them forward and help them grow.

Each employee is integral to the success of an organisation, no matter how big or small. They can easily tip off the scales and affect how others work and perform. Pushing for positive habits will help employees understand the value of their roles in the organisation and push them to work and perform well.

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