How to Respond When an Employee Quits
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How to Respond When an Employee Quits

Every year, it is not uncommon for managers or team leaders to hear about someone in the team quitting. A person quits their position for many reasons, and their departure will be felt throughout the organization. While you can mitigate the effects of their departure by replacing them immediately, it can be hard to respond correctly when considering the impacts it will entail on your position and the rest of the team.

Instead of panicking immediately about the impacts of an employee quitting their position, here are several ways how you can respond to it:

 Take A Moment To Take In The News

It is not easy to take and understand when your team member quits. It is even more unbearable if they are an integral part of your team. When they quit, you may confront them and say things you may regret in the future.

Instead of immediately confronting them for their actions, pause and think about the news carefully. Doing this will help you process what they just said and what response is appropriate in this scenario and get your emotions under control. When you speak with them, you can let them know your surprise or disappointment because the person quitting wants to know what you truly feel.

See What Options Are Available

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why a person would quit their position. However, as a manager or team leader, you may blame yourself for their departure. This feeling may be heightened if they do not tell you in advance.

Instead of focusing on the possibility that you motivated their actions, you must remember that no one is perfect. Don’t be afraid to ask them why they are quitting; you can use this opportunity to improve your management style. Once you get their answer, ask them what you can do to improve if your managing skills lead to their departure. Don’t interrupt them when they answer; take their response carefully.

Put Up Expectations To Help With The Transition

Given their departure’s impact on the rest of the team, you need to be clear with the departing employee regarding your expectations on how the transition must proceed until they leave the group. Speak with them regarding how they will break the news to the team and ask them how they can help with the transition. With a plan set, it will be easier for all parties to transition to the next level.

Whether you are the team leader or the manager, hearing someone quit is never easy. It will change the dynamic in the workplace, and if they are not replaced immediately, it will strain the team remaining on your roster. While it is ok to worry, it should not stop you from supporting these employees as they face the next challenge in their careers. Remember, how you react can influence how these employees will remember you and interact with you in the future.

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