Let’s Create an Unforgettable Impact during Meetings
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Let’s Create an Unforgettable Impact during Meetings

Whether you are a regular employee or a team leader, meetings can leave different impressions on the people who attend them. Some meetings are memorable because of the discussions that took place and their impacts on the business or the people involved, while others are forgettable and ineffective.

There are many reasons why these meetings are forgettable and ineffective. It could be because it was poorly planned, the discussions were either too severe or too basic, or it took too long to conclude. Fortunately, there are ways to make these bland and forgettable meetings that everyone will remember, and some of them include:

Know Your Topic And Goals

Every meeting will require a topic and goals to guide the discussions and ensure it doesn’t go off track. Before setting a meeting, identify the issues and goals you want to focus on and ensure everyone knows it before the meeting starts.

Show How Calm You Are

If you want people to believe you during the meetings, you must use your body language to show how calm and prepared you are. When people see that you are calm, they will be confident that they are working with someone who knows what they are doing and responds the same way.

Some ways you can show how calm you are during your meetings include speaking slowly, explaining points, and regularly making eye contact. If you get nervous quickly, practice before you meet with your teammates so they can help you identify the points you need to improve on.

Involve Them In The Decision-Making

A great way to make your meeting impactful is by getting everyone to contribute to its progress and be part of the decision-making process.

Have a part of your meeting allotted to discussions, and let each meeting member speak out. Even if these people do not agree with your decisions or ideas, they will remember that you are curious about their opinion, which will be considered in the final discussions. 

Keep The Meetings Quick

No one wants to be in a long meeting. If you want the discussions to stay productive and effective, keep the meetings around 30 minutes or less. If that is not possible, an hour would work.

Conclude With A Positive Note

When you end the meeting, ensure it ends positively so everyone will leave it in good spirits and remember the discussions. Some examples of how you can do this include summarizing the completed tasks, sharing what the team will do next or thanking everyone for coming.

Meetings are undeniably stressful, no matter what is included in the agenda. However, you can reduce the stress it could bring to all parties by knowing how to make it fulfilling and fun. Use the ideas above to help reinvent your meetings and make the right impact people will never forget. Make sure to tweak it accordingly so that it matches the topic you are discussing, and it will be noticed by those in the meeting with you.

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