Brand Marketing vs Product Marketing: What’s the Difference?
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Brand Marketing vs Product Marketing: What’s the Difference?

The introduction of technology in marketing has dramatically shifted the way businesses market. Businesses are now actively marketing themselves online since most people are turning to online sources to get information about businesses they can try and support.

The marketing strategies they apply vary. Some focus on brand marketing, which entails strengthening the brand’s reputation. Others focus on product marketing, bringing in sales and increasing awareness about the business’ offerings. Some companies utilize both marketing strategies to get better results and achieve all their targets.

But why do businesses choose between brand marketing and product marketing? Are they truly different?

Down below are the differences between brand marketing and product marketing that you should be aware of:


The first notable difference between brand marketing and product marketing is the duration of the marketing strategy. Product marketing is only done briefly, especially for seasonal products.

Meanwhile, brand marketing often entails an extensive advertising strategy since you are marketing your brand’s identity, and it must be consistently done each time there are new milestones for the brand. This is also why new companies or businesses focus on this type of marketing rather than product marketing because they need to develop their brand’s identity so people can remember them and give credibility to what they have to offer. Brand marketing also helps the business achieve its long-term goals since it reassures consumers they are working with an established brand.


Branding is another area where both marketing strategies differ. For brand marketing, businesses often focus on matching their brands with critical values they want people to associate with their entire business. This ensures that the target market’s positive perception of your brand influences their decision-making once they need your services.

Those who use product marketing focus on comparing or matching their brand with quality service, excellent customer service, and notable prices people can’t find anywhere else. Product marketing also guides the company or business about its operations to guarantee these features.


Product marketing focuses on advertising and communicating about a specific offering. This marketing strategy includes identifying the product to be offered to the public, how it is produced, and how it is marketed. The approach also entails promoting the product’s benefits to its consumers through advertisements and raking in sales. 

Meanwhile, brand marketing highlights the company’s capabilities and values while building a solid following for the brand.

As a business, your marketing strategy – whether brand marketing or product marketing –  shouldn’t just be focused on promoting your offerings or building your brand’s image. It must also focus on increasing your sales and improving your customer relationships. With these goals in mind, don’t hesitate to experiment with which marketing strategy to focus on and see how to adapt the other to achieve your targets.

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