Handling Mansplainers @ Work
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Handling Mansplainers @ Work

Recently, there has been a growing campaign for equal rights for men and women in the workplace. While some men agree with this sentiment, others believe that women are clueless about specific topics and should not be given tasks they believe only work well for men. Some would even try to show their displeasure by mansplaining or offering unsolicited advice to a woman in a condescending way.

While mansplaining doesn’t happen overnight, and some do not even realize they are doing it, there are ways to deal with mansplainers carefully. Here are some examples of how you can do it:

Let Them Know What They Are Doing

Men don’t always know they are mansplaining until you bring it up. You can let them know in private or before others, depending on the situation. When you do speak to these people, explain to them what mansplaining is and why it is an issue. There is no guarantee that the other person will listen to you, so if they ignore you, don’t hesitate to contact your manager for the proper guidance.

Give a Nudge

Some women may find themselves unable to react immediately when they experience mansplaining. Some may even take their time reacting against these men, but if it takes too long, the woman may respond strongly, damaging her image. To avoid this problem, make small nudges to signal the man that they are causing an issue and keep it respectful.

Use Humor

You can also use humour to handle mansplainers carefully and reduce any confrontation. Humour can lighten the mood between you and the mansplainer and help you stay confident. You can also use humour to set boundaries without offending others.

Redirection is Key

Since women don’t get to speak out during meetings and discussions, it can be hard to speak out when men are taking all the air time. A great way to handle these men, especially if they are mansplaining, is working with others and redirecting the man’s focus to something else.

Use An Outdoor Tone

The volume of your voice may also be an excellent way to call the mansplainer’s attention and get them to listen to you. Just make sure not to be too loud, as this may be perceived as an aggressive tone.

Women deserve the same respect as men and are also as capable as men. Whether you are experiencing mansplainers or a female colleague, use the steps above to deal with these people carefully and make them aware that their actions are rude and offensive. Don’t hesitate to adjust your actions to suit the situation because the other party may react differently depending on your steps. When you find the right strategy, you can improve your work environment for all parties and succeed in pushing for equality for all.

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