To All: Happy Chinese New Year
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To All: Happy Chinese New Year

How time flies! It is another brand new year. It seem to me that just a year ago, I was riddled with covid, Baby Amelia celebrated her 1st birthday and my new journey as an author.

With unexpected twists and turns, I find myself putting my health as the first priority. Gone for many many overseas trips with my loved ones. Put a lot of time and pain into mastering my buoyancy underwater. Spend quality time with me, myself and I.

This year, I am about to embark into the journey of a home owner. Yes, I bought a property! And yes, it is a possibility with freelancing income. The apartment has so much potential with it perched on a hill, overlooking a natural park and a swimming pool. Surrounded with many amenities within walking distance, I don’t even have to travel anywhere to get my stuff. So my energy this year will be poured into creating a home for my spouse and children. We are extremely excited!

I will continue to put in my heart and soul into MiddleMe, churning out articles that hopefully help you to get some answers you need in your work life. Instead of explaining to others that I am a freelancer, recruiter and writer, I have settled into one label: I am a fixer. You have problems in your career, with your coworkers, in your start-ups, I am the person for you. I will listen, dissect, research and present a few solutions to fix that gap. With my experiences in deep diving into different industries and managing both small and big teams, I see obstacles that many don’t. Either shape the obstacles into opportunities or get rid of the obstacles.

Don’t be a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, find your own square hole. Or shape yourself into a round peg. Life’s too short.

Have a good one!

from MiddleMe

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