What Jobs Won’t Disappear in the Next 20 Years Because of AI
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What Jobs Won’t Disappear in the Next 20 Years Because of AI

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been sweeping every industry and threatening many people’s jobs. Although AI can make jobs more efficient, many call for regulations to prevent companies from using AI to downsize their workforce. Others, however, believe that even if AI develops further in the next 20 years, there will be jobs that won’t disappear completely.

So, which jobs won’t disappear in the next 20 years despite the presence of AI? Here’s a shortlist below:

  1. Creative jobs

    While there are AI programs that generate “creative” art and strategy, humans still have the upper hand when it comes to being creative and adapting their strategy in real-time. Some jobs that may be safe for the time being are artists, scientists, business strategists, and planners.
  2. Relationship-focused jobs

    People in relationship-focused employment, such as nurses, salespeople, and managers, will also be protected from AI. In these positions, they must have natural and organic relationships with their clients or patients to work alongside them efficiently. AI may be able to provide hints, but it lacks character and filter, which can affect how the working relationship grows.
  3. Emergency service providers

    Those who work in highly unpredictable environments, like emergency plumbers, ambulance drivers, and first-aid responders, will still be jobs in the next 20 years despite the presence of AI. The unpredictability of escalating situations can make it difficult for AI to respond accordingly to these positions.
  4. Agriculture-related jobs

    The positions in this industry do not need generative AI to complete their tasks. Workers must use their experience to use scientific data and present conditions to adjust their agricultural practices to improve production and achieve sustainability. Workers in this industry must also build good relationships with potential partners to get the best prices, which AI cannot mimic.
  5. Logistics

    Jobs in logistics – specifically drivers – will not disappear any time soon because there is now a shift in the supply chains that calls for local drivers. Studies suggest that autonomous vehicles – which are run by AI – will not significantly affect available positions for drivers since the technology remains challenging to perfect.

Whether you are new in the job market or an established one, there is no doubt that AI will influence the job market at some point in the future. There is also the possibility that AI technology develops to such a point where it may indeed replace people working in the positions listed above. However, it is essential to remember that many things can still happen that will change how AI works in these industries.

The technology is also still too new, and there are still a lot of unknown variables that will affect its efficiency and effectiveness. We also have immense potential to rise to the challenge and find opportunities to utilize the obstacles to our advantage, which makes us the ideal employees for any position.

For now, it is best to enjoy the moment, excel in the position you are in and explore how you can use AI to further your career.

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