How to Decide What Tasks to Outsource to AI
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How to Decide What Tasks to Outsource to AI

With the popularity of AI tools, many freelancers are now looking at how it can help them become more efficient. Most freelancers who have tried it already use it for most of their tasks, while some use it for all their tasks.

If this is your first time considering AI or you want to improve your AI use, you may be wondering when you should use AI and what tasks they should be. To help you out, here are our tips to help you determine which tasks you should outsource to AI to use more efficiently.

Repetitive Tasks vs Creative Tasks

Before looking at the AI tools you can use, it is best to start by listing your tasks and classifying them according to their nature. For tasks that you repeat regularly, like emails, checking trends, and scheduling content, you can use AI for them. For tasks that require a personal touch, like replying to partners or creating content, you should do that yourself!

Data vs Relationship

AI is also ideal for data-related tasks as it can be programmed to identify data trends and help with numbers. However, for functions that need personal contact and building connections, you can do that for better results.

Benefits vs Disadvantages

AI can cost money, especially if you go after one with multiple features. However, if you did invest in these tools, you should see if it will reduce your costs and give back your investment in traffic and sales. You should also know if it will produce high-quality work without constant monitoring and adjustment.

The AI Tool To Use

There are a lot of AIs out there that can help with your tasks, but not all of them can do multiple tasks. Make sure to research the various AI tools you can use and see which tasks will benefit from them. You must also have the right team to adjust these AI tools for your use.

Do Customers Support AI Or Not?

AI is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some may even be against your use of AI tools, leading them to do business elsewhere. Ask your customers if they do not mind AI, and if they do, it is best to put AI aside and use another strategy to help you with your tasks.

Test Before Applying

If considering AI, see if the selected tool works fluidly with the tasks you want to automate. If it works perfectly, make the necessary adjustments!

Regardless of your opinion about AI, time and efficiency is crucial for any freelancer’s success. AI isn’t all that bad if you make an effort to research the AI tools you can use and how they can be applied to your tasks. With the right AI tools applied to the right tasks, you will see an improvement in your efficiency.

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