5 Myths About Working Mothers
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5 Myths About Working Mothers

Are you considering going back to work after giving birth? If you are, you may wonder if there is an anti-working mother bias in the workplace or society.

While not all workplaces and communities recognize these biases, several myths do pervade some of them, which can affect their work experience. But what exactly are these myths, and how can you spot them?

Down below are 5 most notable myths about working mothers that you need to be aware of:

1. They Do Not Have Enough Time To Juggle Both Their Family And Career

Some businesses penalize working mothers because they believe that these workers do not have enough time for work once they have children. They will also assume that they won’t have time to focus on their career, so they don’t put working mothers on the promotion list.

2. They Will Not Be Able To Work As Hard As Their Colleagues

Aside from not having a lot of time to allot to their careers, some assume that working mothers will not put much effort into their work compared to their colleagues. This then causes those with prejudices and reservations to think that these working mothers are holding the entire team back.

3. They Must Focus On Household Chores, Especially If Their Pay Isn’t As High As Their Partner’s

Another notable myth is the belief that women should focus more on household work, especially since their work is usually “less stressful” and their pay is little compared to that of their spouse. For some people, it only makes sense that these women should just stick to their housework and slowly stop working altogether.

4. They Are Unreliable Because Their Priority Is And Should Be Their Children

Some also believe that mothers should focus on their children more than getting paid work. When they work, employers have to deal with constant absences because these working mothers leave work early and take a long time off to care for their children when they get sick.

5. Men Are More Suited To Be The ‘Breadwinner’ Because They Have The Right Instincts To Do It

Some people believe that mothers shouldn’t work because they lack the right instincts to be ideal breadwinners for the family. Men, on the other hand, were born to have the instinct of a hunter and gatherer, so they could focus on work better than women.

Whether you experience these myths at work or in your workplace, it is understandable if you find them inaccurate or insulting. It is also quite a burden if these myths continue to affect how others see you as you work. If you want to improve the situation not just for you but also for your fellow working mothers, take the initiative to speak out and clear these myths.

With patience, cooperation from your colleagues and continuous discussion, you can create a workplace that welcomes everyone, including working mothers.

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